Schuman Program

What is the Fulbright-Schuman Program?

The Fulbright-Schuman Program, financed by the U.S. Department of State and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, wards grants to citizens of the U.S. and EU Member States to further understanding of the EU and to promote U.S.-EU relations. The Fulbright-Schuman Program is administered by the Commission for Educational Exchange between the U.S., Belgium and Luxemburg.

Grant categories

  • Grants for Research or University Study
    • Students grants (no PhD)
      For a period of 9 months. However, applications for pre-doctoral research for a minimum period of 6 months will also be considered.
    • Research scholar and lecturing awards (PhD or 5+ years of professional experience)
      For a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum of 9 months, with preference being given to projects of 4 months duration.
  • Innovation Grants
    Open to all disciplines with a focus on innovation and, for the 2018-2019 academic year, data privacy.
  • Grants for International Educators
    For professionals in international education administration to work in similar offices in the U.S.
    Minimum 3 months and maximum 9 months.

Areas of Interest

Grants are awarded to U.S./EU citizens to study, research or lecture at universities or institutions in EU Member States/in the United States on the development of the EU, EU policies, and the U.S.-EU transatlantic agenda.

Project proposals should focus on comparative perspectives on issues of common concern (either transatlantic or with reference to EU policy). proposals may address topics such as internal and external security, peace keeping, the EU and NATO, justice and home affairs, finance, trade, human rights, agricultural and environmental policies, energy, asylum, human trafficking, development, EU enlargement and international education administration. This list of topics is indicative, not exhaustive.

N.B. Areas of study must relate to EU competencies and not merely Europe or countries of Europe.

Grants are also available for professionals in international education administration from European/U.S. universities for research in the field of international higher education administration that would be mutually beneficial to both the institutions. Candidates are responsible for arranging their own placement and do not need to hold a PhD. Grants are for the minimum of two months and a maximum period of four months.

Detailed information about the program is available:

If you have questions about the program, please contact:

Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States, Belgium and Luxembourg
Boulevard de l’Empereur, 4, Keizerslaan
B-1000 Brussels;
Telephone inquiries: +32 0 2519 5772