U.S. Embassy Riga


  • Total Area of the Site: 4 ha
  • Total Square Meters of the Buildings: 8,346 m3
  • Number of buildings: 6
  • Stories of the Main Chancery: 3
  • Number of Work Stations on Compound: 101 desk
  • Number of Parking Spaces: 74 for staff + 10 for visitors +20 for officials

Costs and Construction

  • Construction dates: 2008 – 2011
  • Cost of Design and Construction: $96 million
  • Concrete Used: 8,850m3
  • Steel Used: 1, 350m3
  • On average, 300 workers worked on the construction daily

Designers and Builders

Designer: SORG and Associates, Washington, D.C.

General Contractor: American International Contractor’s Inc., Arlington, VA

Subcontractors: RBSSKALS Ltd., 3L Ltd., Metaldizains Ltd., LB Construction Ltd., JLD Ltd., Arsava Ltd., ESK Sistemas Ltd., Terminators B Ltd., Uldis Leilands Ltd., STA Grupa Ltd., Lafivents Ltd., Mesako Ltd., Latvijas Energoceltnieks Ltd. (LEC), Autonik Ltd., Peri Ltd., Ventmontaza Ltd., Rauzas Company Ltd., Datu Tehnologiju Grupa Ltd., Pilnstikla Studija Ltd.


The previous U.S. chancery at 7 Raina Boulevard was built in 1863 and served as Reimers Eye Clinic until the mid-1930’s. It then became an office building. During the Soviet period it housed the Construction Affairs Committee and the Riga city architectural and construction control board.

After a preliminary dedication ceremony on February 7, 1992 at which Vice President Dan Quayle presided, the building formally opened as the U.S. embassy on April 10, 1992.