Health Alert: Latvia Announces Additional Tighter Restrictions – U.S. Embassy Riga, Latvia

Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Riga, Latvia (December 18, 2020)

Location: Latvia

Event: Latvia Announces Additional Tighter Restrictions

On Thursday, December 17, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers announced additional restrictions from December 19, 2020 until January 11, 2021. The announcement stressed that anyone who is allowed to work remotely from home must do so. 

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Highlights include the following:


  • The winter break for grades 1-6 was extended to January 8.
  • Distance learning for grades 7 – 12 continues from January 4.
  • Only those in clinical practice in residency can continue in-person higher education.
  • All extracurricular education will be remote.


  • Sport gyms and centers are closed.
  • Outdoor sports training can continue for up to 10 people if common changing rooms are not used.


  •  All culture venues are closed, including libraries.
  •  All indoor and outdoor markets are prohibited, including Christmas markets.
  • Museum indoor spaces are closed.  Some outdoor spaces are open with further restrictions.

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