A Grant to Support Latvia’s Efforts in Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS

The U.S. Embassy in Latvia announces an open call for applications for small grants to support Latvia’s efforts in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Beginning Tuesday, August 13, the U.S. Embassy welcomes proposals from local NGOs, academic institutions, and other non-profit organizations for projects to address HIV/AIDS prevention, early detection and treatment, improving public awareness about the prevention of contagious diseases, encouraging risk behavior change, and reducing the stigma for people living with HIV/AIDS in Latvia. Project proposals may be for grants of up to $15,000.

Projects raising public awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention and early detection, as well as educational campaigns, would be of particular interest. Examples of successful project proposals might include educational outreach, visual campaigns, training for health practitioners and social workers, special programs for schools and universities, and awareness measures geared towards Latvian youth.

Non-profit organizations registered in Latvia and individuals with a proven track record of working in this field may submit one or more proposals using the U.S. Embassy’s standard small grants application. The deadline for submitting proposals is August 26, 2019. We strongly encourage applicants to submit proposals early, to allow for adjustments, as needed. The application should be in English and may be submitted by e-mail to us.embassy.riga@gmail.com, with the words “Proposal for HIV/AIDS Grant” in the subject line.

Please, use this link to download the Application template: (MS-Word 70KB)

For more information, and an explanation of the grant proposal process, please see https://lv.usembassy.gov/education-culture/grants/