Arrival of next rotation of troops and equipment under Operation Atlantic Resolve

Riga, March 11, 2015 – As announced by the Pentagon Monday, approximately 3,000 soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division are coming to Europe for training and exercises. As part of that group, a company sized contingent from the 3rd Infantry Division (ID), or approximately 150 soldiers, will be deployed to Latvia in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve (OAR). In March, these 3rd ID soldiers will replace the company from the Germany based 2nd Calvary Regiment currently assigned to Latvia.

Monday, the Merchant Vessel Liberty Promise arrived at the port of Riga and offloaded approximately 100 pieces of equipment, including M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles, and other equipment, which will be distributed across the three Baltic nations for use by 3rd ID Soldiers. The Merchant Vessel Liberty Promise has departed Riga and will deliver additional equipment to Germany to be disbursed to other elements of the 3rd ID as they support OAR in other eastern European nations.