Consular Report of Birth Abroad

As U.S. citizen parent(s), you should report your child’s birth abroad as soon as possible to the U.S. Embassy to establish an official record of the child’s claim to U.S. citizenship at birth. The official record will be the Consular Report of Birth Abroad, Form FS-240 which is a basic United States citizenship document:

  • A Consular Report of Birth can only be created at a U.S. Consular Office overseas while the child is under age 18.
  • Following a certain procedure, you may replace, amend or request multiple copies of a Consular Report of Birth at any time.

Children born abroad may acquire U.S. citizenship at birth only if at least one of the natural parents were U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s birth. The exact requirements vary depending on the date of the child’s birth, the marital status of the parents, and which parent (if not both) was a U.S. citizen.

Follow this link for important information for U.S. citizens considering the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) abroad.

In some cases, the consular officer may also ask for additional documentation related to the parents’ life together, the pregnancy, and the child’s birth and subsequent development.  This might include pre- and post-natal medical records, and family photos documenting the mother’s pregnancy, the parents’ wedding ceremony, and the child’s relationship with his or her parents from date of birth to the present.

Under circumstances when no other form of credible evidence of paternity/maternity is available, genetic (DNA) testing may be used for verifying an alleged biological relationship. Such testing is entirely voluntary, must be done in accordance with the U.S. Department of State instructions, and all costs of testing and related expenses must be borne by the family.

An interview is conducted before a U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad can be issued. Both the child and the parent(s) are required to be present at the interview.

Third Party Attendance at Passport and CRBA Appointment Interviews

If a determination is made that the child acquired U.S. citizenship at birth, you will be issued a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America for your child. This document is recognized by U.S. law as a proof of acquisition of U.S. citizenship and is acceptable evidence of citizenship for obtaining a passport, entering school, and most other purposes.

We now accept Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) applications electronically. This new streamlined process allows U.S. citizen parents to complete a CRBA application online, upload all required documents, and submit payment prior to the mandatory in-person interview.

To apply, your child must have been born in Latvia and you must come to U.S. Embassy in Riga for the in-person interview.



Step 1. Create your profile: To apply for a CRBA online, you need to create a MyTravelGov account .  Watch this video  to learn more about creating your account.

Step 2. Complete the online application: Access eCRBA through MyTravelGov account, which provides easy, step-by-step instructions to complete your application. You should review the necessary documents for the CRBA application in advance. You will have to scan and upload the documents listed below.   Please also upload an informal translation if the document is not in English.

  • Local certificate of birth (in Latvian – dzimšanas apliecība);
  • Parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Evidence of termination of each parent’s previous marriages (if applicable, such as divorce or annulment decree or a death certificate)
  • Parents’ passports
  • Evidence of the U.S. citizen parent’s residence in the United States prior to the birth of the child (parent’s proof of 5 years presence in the U.S. with such documents as tax returns, pay stubs, educational transcripts and diplomas, prior passports showing entries and   exits to the United States, etc.)

Step 3. Submit payment online and schedule an appointment: After you complete the application and submit payment online, you may schedule an appointment (please click here). You MUST schedule your appointment at least 5 business days after the date of submission to allow payment processing to be completed. If your payment hasn’t cleared before your interview, you may be denied service until payment has been processed. We do not accept walk-ins.

Step 4. Attend your scheduled in-person interview: You MUST bring all original documents to your appointment. Original documents will be returned to you after verification. You must provide informal English translations for all foreign language documents. The presence of the child and both parents is required at the time of the application.

You can access eCRBA 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here 

You can view an application how-to-guide here 

How to Replace or Amend a CRBA 

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