Death of a U.S. Citizen

Death of U.S. Citizens in Latvia

If, unfortunately, a U.S. citizen dies in Latvia, the death should be reported immediately to the Consular Section. In cases of unexpected or accidental death, a consular officer may be required to take immediate action. Assistance in case of an emergency is available to U.S. citizens 24 hours a day.

If a next-of-kin was not with the U.S. citizen at the time of their death, we will notify them of that and work with them to carry out their wishes with regard to burial or repatriation of the body.

With the next-of-kin’s permission, the Consular Section can act as a liaison between the family and local authorities. We will prepare the necessary documents to allow the family to return the body to the United States, if that is their wish.

Consular Report of Death Abroad

The U.S. Embassy in Riga issues a Consular Report of Death Abroad for all U.S. citizens who die in Latvia. This document is intended for use in the United States, and it is based on the Latvian death certificate, the deceased’s U.S. passport, and information provided by their relatives. The deceased’s family should contact the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Riga for more information.

Disposition of Remains Report: Latvia

The Consular Section prepares the Disposition of Remains Report for Latvia that is updated every three years. It describes the local requirements for burial, cremation, embalming, preparation of remains for shipment, transportation to the United States, exhumation of remains, the price range for each service, and similar relevant information. To read the report, click here. (PDF – 165 kB)

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