Obtaining Copies of Birth, Death, Civil Records

Please click on the relevant link below if you require information about:

This page is designed to help you locate copies of the vital documents you need. The embassy cannot obtain documents on your behalf, nor can provide translations of documents issued in Latvia.

U.S. Birth, Death and Civil Records

The embassy keeps no copies of the documents we issue, such as Consular Report of Birth or a Consular Report of Death. These documents are filed in Washington, D.C. Please click on the links for guidance on obtaining copies of Consular Reports of Birth and Death from the U.S. Department of State.

Other records, such as birth certificates of people born in the U.S., are stored in the state of origin:

Additional information on replacing different U.S. records is available on the following website: http://www.usa.gov/.

Latvian Birth, Death and Civil Records

For information on obtaining civil records in Latvia, please follow this link. The embassy keeps no copies of Latvian civil documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.


For U.S. documents to be accepted by Latvian authorities or for Latvian documents to be accepted by U.S. authorities, you are required to provide an Apostille. Please see the section on Notary Services for further instructions on how to obtain this document. The embassy cannot issue an Apostille.